Wannigan Productions

Wannigan Productions is a Toronto based, fully serviced production company that produces films, commercial videos and photography projects.  Our goal as a company is to work with passionate and skilled people to produce thought provoking work.  We also feel very strongly about working with students in high schools through creative mentorship programs.

CONTACT - wanniganproductions@gmail.com

Catherine Wachter – Creative Director
Catherine’s experience as an actor and a teacher of drama led her to a natural shift into directing and producing for Wannigan Productions. She currently also works with youth as a guidance counsellor and runs her own business as a life coach, focusing on positive mental health and resilience. Catherine oversees the creative development of projects and works closely with all players in the production process.

Working With:

William Suarez – Photographer/Cinematographer/Editor 
William is a professional photographer, cinamatographer and editor in Toronto.  His artistic vision fits perfectly with Wannigan Productions and he is highly respected in the industry for his incredible work ethic.



Wannigan Productions – Educational Component

Like many industries in Canada there is a noticeable lack of women in decision-making roles in the film industry. Our overall goal is to empower girls with knowledge about the creative industry. By offering internships on each project that Wannigan Productions does, we hope to instill confidence in them as they put their education into practice. In terms of formal learning we hope to have the girls gain knowledge about the creative aspects of filmmaking/photography as well as the professional aspects involved in a project’s preproduction, production and post-production.